Alex Neo  Automated Masturbator

Alex Neo Automated Masturbator

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Interactive, powerful, thrusting masturbator

Featuring a new amazing technology, Alex Neo is a cutting-edge tech-filled male masturbator with App functions. Ergonomically designed for the male anatomy, its perfect length and texture for every size makes this tool ideal for self-discovery. 

Realistic Touch

Ultra-soft and sensual interior sleeve

Flexible to fit with penis in different sizes

Perfect Fit

Specially designed inner texture

Intense Feeling
Alex Neo is equipped with a more intense thrusting motor that introduces powerful and adjustable thrusting strength, taking you as far as you desire.
Comes with 5 scenarios of sexual fantasies- beach, wild, classroom, on the plane and office. With Alex Neo, every time is a new chance to explore your deepest desires… close your eyes, relax your mind and let the fantasy begin.