Bandelettes Thigh Bands White Onyx

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Looking for a sexy solution to a not-so-sexy problem? Bandelettes® Onyx Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands are the perfect anti-chafing product. Put an end to inner-thigh chafing, but do it in style. Our discreet, yet elegant design offers comfort and effectiveness, and you’re sure to feel sexy while wearing them. Don’t be afraid to put on that beautiful dress anymore! With our anti-chafing products, your inner thigh chafing worries are over. Our patented design offers two anti-slip silicone strips that guarantee your bands won’t move, even if you do!

Love your thighs? Stop the rub with our anti-chafing products.

Bandelettes® Onyx Thigh Bands are offered in three colors — including white, beige, and black. They’re the most elegant solution to help you prevent thigh chafing.


  • Made Of Beautiful Lace – 5” in length
  • Onyx is Slightly Shorter than our Dolce model (6″) and a better fit for Petite Women and Women with Tapered Thighs
  • Designed With Slip-Resistant Silicone
  • Discreet And Highly Functional At the Same Time
  • 90% Nylon; 10% Spandex

Sizing Chart
21″-22″ (53-57 cm) A
23″-24″ (58-62 cm) B
25″-26″ (63-67 cm) C
27″-28″ (68-72 cm) D
29″-30″ (73-77 cm) E
31″-32″ (78-82 cm) F