FOXERS is a boutique apparel brand that was created in 2007 by Founder and Designer, April Spring. Her philosophy is that clothing can be stylish, comfortable, and multi-functional. In 2006 she had a brainstorm to use a men's boxershort waistband band on women's underwear.

April came up with this idea after seeing many women's thongs peeking above their jeans and she thought "If we only had the boxer band like men's boxers..." She took that light bulb moment and within 24 hours purchased men's boxers, cut the top bands off and stitched them onto women's underwear.  She has two US patents for the idea. 

FOXERS clothing is primarily lingerie and lounge wear.  It has grown from the first styles of women's underwear with the men's boxer waistband, to many styles that bridge sleepwear and loungewear. FOXERS give women the comfort and style of boxer shorts, but still look and feel sexy. When wearing FOXERS you might be asked "Are you wearing boxer shorts?" You can proudly answer, "not boxers, FOXERS" and (if you dare) show a little more of what lies beneath.