Bad Bitch Affirmations

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Introducing "Bad Bitch Affirmations" - The Ultimate Set of 35 Sweary Affirmation Tokens! Unleash your inner boss with our empowering "Bad Bitch Affirmations" set. This collection of 35 bold and unapologetic affirmation tokens is designed to elevate your self-confidence and help you conquer life with a fearless attitude. Each token is carefully crafted with a sassy and empowering message, combining the power of affirmations with a hint of humor. Embrace your uniqueness and let these sweary affirmations remind you that you are fierce, unstoppable, and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Why settle for ordinary affirmations when you can have a collection that speaks directly to your badass self? Each set of Bad Bitch Affirmations comes in an organza bag and is laser cut and engraved from 1/8" baltic birch.