Unchained Goddess Aloe Based Lubricant

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Unchained Goddess Luxury Organic Intimate Moisturizer is your new best friend with benefits.

Women's needs change throughout womanhood. Stress, medications, pregnancy, childbirth, hormone fluctuations and many other factors affect the body's natural lubrication.

You know the importance of using quality products on your skin and deserve a product that contains ingredients that have been used for centuries to help heal and rejuvenate skin and without glycerin or parabens that may cause skin irritation.

Our aloe based formula is designed to moisturize, lubricate and rejuvenate a woman’s most intimate area. Our proprietary blend of certified organic quinoa, hemp, linseed, green tea and oat extracts, is the ultimate formula rich with vitamins and antioxidants.

Gentle enough for everyday use and effective for use as a lubricant during more intimate moments.

At Unchained Goddess, we believe the product you use on the most intimate area of your body and during your most intimate moments should be as exquisite as you are.

Gone are the days of plastic containers with lewd graphics. Unchained Goddess Luxury Organic Intimate Moisturizer comes in a generous 100ml sized, beautifully adorned, rose gold bottle and is presented in a luxurious satin lined package. It is designed so discreetly and exquisitely that you will never need to worry about hiding it away out of site.

Luxury and quality combined for you, the sensually empowered woman of today!